NovoArc is a Team of three scientists from Technical University Vienna with the vision to increase patient compliance for pharmaceuticals by facilitating a novel drug delivery technology.

We produce highly stable tetraether lipids from extremophilic microorganisms for the formation of liposomes acting as carrier vesicles for orally administered drugs.

David Wurm

Project Management

David Wurm is a process engineer and has a PhD in the field of biotechnology. For more than 5 years he is doing project management and is responsible for the communication with industrial partners, for the coordination of the team and for keeping deadlines. Because of his trainings in the field of business development, management and law he will be CEO and co-founder of NovoArc GmbH.

During his PhD Julian Quehenberger investigated biotechnological applications of extremophilic microorganisms. In the last few years he was able to develop the technology which is necessary to replace injection with pills. Globally he is probably the only person who can produce the necessary lipids at the needed quality and quantity. Because of his huge knowledge in this field and his spirit of innovation he will be CTO and co-founder of NovoArc GmbH.

Julian Quehenberger

Process Innovations

Oliver Spadiut

Scientific Advisor

Oliver Spadiut is Professor in Biotechnology and well known in this field. His scientific competence (>100 publications) and connections to the biotech industry (80% industry-oriented projects in cooperation with major pharmaceutical companies) allow him to give crucial scientific input. He will be co-founder of NovoArc GmbH.

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