Unique lipids for drug formulation

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What is it all about

NovoArc uses a patented technology for the production of unique lipids with application potentials in different industries. Currently NovoArc focuses on applications in the pharmaceutical sector. NovoArc’s lipids are used to encapsulate APIs thereby protecting them against degradation and increasing their efficacy.

NovoArc’s Team has a long-lasting experience in developing production processes for the pharmaceutical industry. NovoArc offers tetraether lipids for formulations of small molecules, proteins and nucleic acids.



The biotechnological production process for our unique lipids was patented by the members of NovoArc at TU Wien. New ideas, projects and improvements are on the way.


Best of Biotech

We are happy to announce, that NovoArc won the „Best of Biotech Award 2022” from AWS sponsored by Boehringer Ingelheim.

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Meet the Team

We wish our two newest Team Members Anna and Natasa a warm welcome and we look forward to achieving great things together


NovoArc GmbH was founded in October 2021. Currently we are based at TU Wien.  We thank TU Wien for their support and we are looking forward to future collaborations.