We replace Injections with Pills

Join our Mission to provide health without needles

What is it all about

NovoArc uses a patented technology to replace injections with pills and enables the oral delivery of drugs by encapsulating them in special, highly stable lipids. This novel, biological coating increases the shelf life of drugs, protects them in the stomach and boosts bioavailability.

NovoArc’s Team has more than 10 years of experience in developing production processes for pharmaceutical companies and offers a novel formulation for producers of pharmaceuticals and food supplements.

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The biotechnological production process for our unique lipids was patented by the members of NovoArc at TU Wien. New ideas, projects and improvements are on the way.


Future - orientated

Our progress is thriving! We managed to get a lot of funding over the last years and won several prizes. Recently, we were amongst the top 10 of the S&B Award and won the community award!


Team spirit

The key to success is a good team. NovoArc’s Team is passionate, highly qualified and determined to ensure the novel approach of drug administration!


Currently we are based at TU Wien and we will found NovoArc GmbH in October 2021. The technology was developed during an FFG-spinoff fellowship at TU Wien. We thank TU Wien for their lab and office space and we are looking forward to future collaborations.