About us

Our Vision

Making patients’ lives safer and more livable

Our Mission

We redefine drug delivery by replacing injections with oral formulations to increase patient compliance and provide safe medication around the world

status quo

NovoArc GmbH was founded in October 2021 and we are currently expanding our product portfolio

The NovoArc Team

We are a team of highly motivated scientists with entrepreneurial spirit.

Teamspirit is essential for NovoArc. Each and everyone of the team members has their own assets which are vital for our success. 

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Dr. David


By education David is a process engineer and holds a PhD in the field of biotechnology, but at heart he is an entrepreneur. Through various activities and trainings, he acquired skills in the field of leadership, company culture, financials and strategic planning. He is an innovative and outgoing person who likes to turn ideas into reality. David is CEO and co-founder of NovoArc.

Dr. Julian


In his PhD Thesis Julian investigated biotechnological applications of extremophilic microorganisms. In the last few years he developed the underlying technology necessary to produce NovoArc´s special ether lipids in the required quality and quantity. Because of his great knowledge in this field and his spirit of innovation Julian is CTO, managing director and co-founder of NovoArc.

Prof. Oliver

scientific advisor

Oliver is Prof. for Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering at TU Wien. His expertise in industrial R&D, his scientific competence (>160 publications) and his wide international network in the biotech industry (80% projects in cooperation with major pharmaceutical companies) are extremely valuable to NovoArc. Oliver is scientific advisor and co-founder of NovoArc.

Dr. Maximilian

Senior Scientist
Lipid Purification & Modification

Max studied and worked at Technische Universität Wien, MGH Harvard and UC Berkeley. He is a highly qualified and very creative synthetic chemist, who is further expanding NovoArc’s product portfolio.

Horn, MSc.

Liposome Formulation

Christina studied Biochemistry and Molecular Biomedicine and focused on liposome formulation during her Master Thesis at Medical University Graz. With the gained knowledge she is a great asset to the NovoArc Team. Her main focus is the formulation of Archaeosomes with different active pharmaceutical ingredients.

Crepaz, MSc.

Lipid Production

Philipp studied Technical Chemistry at TU Wien and focused on lipid production during his Master Thesis. Philipp is a very accurate and precise person who is responsible for the lipid production as well as analytics.

Sedlmayr, MSc.

Part time

Viktor is currently doing his PhD at Technical University Vienna with focus on the effects of growth conditions on the lipid composition of different archaeal species and their influence on Lipid Nanoparticle properties. As a part time employee Viktor is supporting the team in the field of cultivation, analytics and formulation.



Helene is studying Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology at IMC Krems. Her Bachlor Thesis focuses on the cultivation of Archaea. Currently Helene is doing her practical training semester at NovoArc.

Introducing our Advisors

All this would not be possible without the support from experts in the field. We highly appreciate the help from our advisory board.

Prof. Markus Zeitlinger

Head Clinical Pharmacology
Medical University of Vienna

Dr. Sylvia Nanz

Medical Director

Dr. Silvio Wuschko

Global R&D Toxicology

Dr. Andreas Wagner

Head Liposome Technology
Polymun Scientific

PD Dr. habil. Simon Drescher

Managing Director
Phospholipid Research Center

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